Chalo Chalo

Chalo Chalo is a racing game that doesn't focus on speed, but on tactical choices and outsmarting your friends. You compete locally with three to eight players at the same time on the same screen.


Redshift Media
Release date:
24 October 2016


  • 3-8 players
  • really slow racing
  • ever changing landscapes


Chalo Chalo has been called a 'casual e-sport' which matches our intentions quite well. Currently in development by Richard Boeser (Sparpweed) and Tomasz Kaye (Redshift Media), it strives to be a sports-like, fair tactical racing game that is highly competitive yet accessible at the same time. Available as an Early Access title on Steam for Mac and Windows.


Trailer YouTube


Chalo Chalo Screenshot 02.png
Chalo Chalo Screenshot 04.png
Chalo Chalo Screenshot 03.png
Chalo Chalo Screenshot 01.png

Awards & Recognition

    • "Nomination International Competition Ludicious Festival, Zürich" 2016
    • "Nomination AMAZE Human Human Machine Award, Berlin" 2014

    Selected Articles

      • "Rhythm of colored lines: The first look at Sparpweed's minimalist racer."
        - Brandon Boyer, Venus Patrol

      About Sparpweed

      Sparpweed is a two man studio, Richard Boeser and Roland IJzermans create games with a focus on original gameplay and atmosphere. Games we like to play ourselves. Depending on a project's needs we team up with other developers, designers, artists etc. Sparpweed stays small and flexible.

      More information
      More information on Sparpweed, our logo & relevant media are available here.

      Chalo Chalo Credits

      Richard Boeser (Sparpweed)
      Design, Code

      Tomasz Kaye (Redshift Media)
      Design, Code, Audio

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks